My mission is to help you gain more confidence.

I am a qualified beauty therapist with over 5 years experience and I am sure you can relate to our story.
After suffer severe acne, oily skin but sensitive at the same time I have searched for years to try and find a skincare product that not only helps my acne but gives me a better skin complexion without burning or giving me redness.
After trying so many different brands some did nothing and some even gave me blisters! I began to look into what the ingredients of a face mask was and when I saw the chemicals and perfumes I was shocked to say the least.
From there I realised that all these harsh chemicals can not be good for your skin so I began to create a 100% Natural Face mask that would actually work. After months of trials and testing I found the perfect blend!
Friends, Family and Clients began to notice the change in my appearance and wanted in on the secret and that is how Natural Beauty Products began.
After people had tried our masks they were asking for more products for the whole body! I couldn't believe how much people loved our products and appreciated the natural ingredients and hand made approach.
All of our products are made with you in mind, they are hand made by me so that I can ensure that every pot you receive lives up to our standards. They go through rigorous testing procedures but don't worry we DO NOT test on animals!
We have also bought on a Bath Bomb Specialist! Our bath bombs are not only made for you to enjoy the scent whilst relaxing they are made for specific issues so that you can sleep better , relieve muscle pain and much much more.
Our product range has grown so much and we are always looking to add products that you want! So keep your eye peeled soon you may see products popping up that you asked for.